Sam’s the man!

Not only does he operate high tech machinery, but he also provides hands-on maintenance, keeping our machines in good working order.

Sam is known for running a tidy ship, so that we can continue to provide our customers with the best quality products. On a typical day, you could find Sam on the cutting, reinforcing, wiro binding, guillotining, collating or drilling machines. He’s a man of many talents.

Having joined Tabbing Services in 2016, Sam knows how to operate all our machinery, including the printer that provides the specialty print service that Tabbing Services offers.

His favourite thing about working at Tabbing Services is the friendly environment and the staff culture. He loves coming to work every morning.

After work, Sam can be found relaxing in front of his favourite TV programmes,  Chinese and Korean Drama, and spending time with his wife, Ly.  He has two adult children who he is very proud of. Both did very well at college and have now gone on to study law and medicine at University.

Sam is very passionate about the New Zealand lifestyle.  He has a special appreciation for this after escaping the Polpott regime in Cambodia (via Vietnam) in his early 30’s. He feels we should never take our lifestyle for granted and should enjoy what we have every day.

Sam is an integral part of the Tabbing Services team. He’s the man!