Rita is the newest member of the Tabbing Services team, having joined us as a machine operator in December 2021. Her love of learning has meant that she’s learnt a lot about the Tabbing business and how to operate the machinery and is now an integral part of the Tabbing Services team.

On a normal day, you can find Rita cutting tabs, either manually or on the automatic machine, or working on the reinforcing and mylar machines.

She loves working with her fellow colleagues and finds the family environment at Tabbing Services very rewarding. She also loves that she is continuing to learn new skills and grow her abilities.

Rita is very family orientated. She has a large family that are all very close and they love getting together for a big family feast or pulling together a family sports team. They’ve enjoyed many sports together as a family such as Touch rugby, Tag and League.

Rita’s favourite travel destination is Samoa, where she reunites with her motherland and more of her family. She can’t wait for Samoa to open their borders again so she can return home to visit.

A mother to August and Liana aged 14 and 10, Rita has experienced some challenging times and is very passionate and thankful to the Starship Foundation.  August was born with a cleft pallet and has had several surgeries. The team at Starship have always taken very good care of him, and she is in awe of how they care deeply for all the children that are coming and going.

Rita has been an amazing support for the Tabbing Services business during her time here and continues to grow. We are very proud to have her as a team member.