With a total of 16 years with Tabbing Services, Michelle knows tabs!

She first started with Tabbing Services in 2001 working part time in office and production.  This helped her to learn the industry enabling her to move into a Sales and Marking role. After taking a small break to work in another industry, Michelle returned in 2016. Handling the sales and marketing functions for Tabbing Services, Michelle loves learning new ways to enhance and improve the service to our customers and growing the customer base.

Over the past couple of years, with Covid lockdowns and other issues, this has seen Michelle grow her understanding of digital marketing so that she can communicate and connect with customers while face-to-face meetings are difficult. She is hoping to be able to get back to visiting customers in person when the pandemic settles down.

Away from work, Michelle enjoys riding and working with horses.  She regularly rides on a friend’s farm or at the Woodhill Forest Equestrian Park, where she is a member.  A highlight is joining her large extended family, on her cousins farm for an annual cattle muster on horseback.

Michelle is also passionate about having happy family relationships, keeping her children safe and helping them to develop independent meaningful lives. Her partner in this journey is her husband of 30 years, Pete. She has 3 adult children, a fluffy ragdoll cat called Louie, and a Staffy called Bailey.  Family dinners and get-togethers are an enjoyable and important part of her life.

One of Michelle’s fondest memories was a trip to Europe with her family in 2018.  Her husbands family immigrated to New Zealand from the Nederland’s in the late 50’s, and took this trip as opportunity for the family to experience their Dutch heritage, and visit family still living in Holland.    In the same trip they went on to experience the art, history and culture of central Europe, visiting Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany. This trip created memories of a lifetime.

Michelle is here to help you find the right Tabbing solution for your business. Give her a call to discuss your needs.